7 Things to Look for in a House Tour

Wednesday Mar 4th, 2020


It’s easy to get mesmerized by the marble countertops, beautiful bay windows and elegantly staged furniture on a home tour, but it’s important to stay focused. When you’re taking a first look at a house, pay attention to the less exciting details such as signs of water damage and creaky floors. Another tip; it’s perfectly ok to whip out your measuring tape, open and close cupboards, and test out the faucets. Here are seven things you should look for to ensure... [read more]

Finding The Right Contractor For Your Listing Prep

Monday May 13th, 2019


When you’re preparing your home for sale, and need to get some repairs done, your choice of contractors is crucial. You don’t want to hire someone who pushes off the start date, or gets delayed in finishing the project. That could hold up listing your property, resulting in missed opportunities to sell. Before selecting a contractor, ask for references. Make sure to contact the references and find out if the contractor started and finished the projects n time. If there is a... [read more]