Finding The Right Contractor For Your Listing Prep

Monday May 13th, 2019


When you’re preparing your home for sale, and need to get some repairs done, your choice of contractors is crucial. You don’t want to hire someone who pushes off the start date, or gets delayed in finishing the project. That could hold up listing your property, resulting in missed opportunities to sell.

Before selecting a contractor, ask for references. Make sure to contact the references and find out if the contractor started and finished the projects n time. If there is a history of tardiness, that’s a red flag. Also check references online. There are many sites, like Yelp, Google Review, where you can find customer comments about a company. When you are talking to the contractor, ask questions regarding availability. If the contractor works alone and has no full-time employees, he can only get one project done at a time. If they are in the middle of a major renovation elsewhere, it’s conceivable he might get delayed starting your job.

Ideally, you want to be assured that the contractor can start and finish on time, in addition to doing a great job. By the way, if you need contractor recommendations, I might be able to help you out and get you in touch with some excellent people. Contact me at 647-228-5000.

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